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Two Los Angeles locations: Culver City & Larchmont

Services and Approaches

Among the topics we can address in the therapy room:





–alternative relationships





–family/familial relationships



-health (emotional, mental, physical)

-life purpose


–pre-cohabitation counseling

-pre-marital counseling

–post-partum depression
-professional purpose

–relationship issues

-resource building

-substance use and abuse

-work, work/life balance


My own life experiences have helped prepare me to be a dynamic and compassionate therapist able to help clients navigate issues of trauma, grief, anxiety, and create and maintain balance. I allow what comes up to guide how we will work together—which might mean we look at and process the past or stay in the here-and-now, a combination of both, or something else entirely.

I’m especially sensitive to those people and communities who have felt traditionally pathologized by the psychology/mental health community. Above all, I am committed to creating a safe, grounding, compassionate space for clients to be themselves, know themselves and their truths, and expand on their own strengths and capabilities.


Among the many populations I serve are artists, writers, and those who wish to claim those identifiers; women of all colors; individuals or couples in alternative relationships; queer and/or gender non-conforming people; heterosexual and LGBTQI people.

I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation prior to working with you.

Session Information

Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place in a lovely office in Culver City.

I have a standard rate but do reserve some sliding-scale appointments. The fee will be collected by cash or check at the beginning of each therapy session. I do not accept insurance plans directly, though if you have a PPO plan, I can be seen as an out-of-network provider. In this case, I can provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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